About Us

Amber here! 
Let me start off my saying I am so glad you're here and that you found us! I  hope that every piece you see on our site brings out your inner bada** self! 
We always LOVE to see a hot, confident chick! 

SO! How did Barron & Co become about you ask? WELL, I'm here to tell you, I truly never saw this happening, maybe in my wildest dreams, sure! But not my actual reality. 
I've been in fashion my entire life, started as a little girl wearing heels around the house JUST so I could hear the sound of the heel hit the floor (true story) to my first job as a sales associate at Buckle in Greenville,SC. AND that my friend, is where I truly knew that fashion is where I belonged. The more I learned the more I craved it, the more I craved it the more I wanted to keep moving up in the fashion world. I always knew there was so much out there. I remember this story like it was yesterday, it was December evening back in 2001(I was 10yrs old), my mom called me into her room and said "Amber you HAVE to see this!" and there she was..all in her glory. Right then and there my world had just been rocked, my mom introduced me to THE "Victoria Secret Fashion Show." *QUE THE HEAVENS ANGELS* (literally) From that day on, not a year passed by that I missed that fashion show, to me that was THE closest I could get to "fashion week."
IT. WAS.EVERYTHING.TO ME. I mean the lights, the angels, the music, the celebrities, THE FASHIONNN. THE F.A.S.H.I.O.N. I use to watch EVERY behind the scenes videos, read every article out there on how this entire thing was produced. 
Anyone who's knows me..well, needless to say I embraced that day like it was its own holiday. As that show evolved, I evolved, celebrities, designers, you name it I was watching it all very closely.

Let's just say fashion has been in my blood since I was little, it's pretty much all I know and have crafted it into my own being.
With all of that said, this brings me back to a full circle moment in my life. I'm about to turn 30, New Years Eve (Lord help me). With all the events that have happened in my life, it has led me up this moment right here. The launch of Barron and Co. It has also landed me back in Greenville,SC right where I fell in love with fashion, as crazy as that sounds. Being here has given me the extra confidence to know that this is TURLY what I'm suppose to be doing. 
Which now brings me to you and why you're here! 

I want you know Barron&Co will ALWAYS give you the newest, trendiest, and best quality pieces. Whether you are a mom on the go or you just graduated from high school. We want to be able to give it ALL to you. We promise to always learn and never stop reaching for the stars. You are our main priority and that's a promise I'm willing to keep forever. 
Barron&Co means everything to me and without that, I wouldn't have you. Thank you for letting this small town country girl live her "Big Wild Dreams" with you.
Let's kick ass together! 
Thank you for being here.

Amber Barron
Founder, CEO